Tokyo Rentals Guidebook for Foreigners & International Students (IV)

Tokyo Rentals Guidebook for Foreigners & International Students (IV)

(IV) When should I start rental search?

For those who have not yet come to Japan, most of them choose to get a place before coming to Japan. So they could go to sign the contract when they come and directly move into their new home.

However, Japanese rentals usually provide no furniture or appliances, so you need to buy them by yourself, which might be inconvenient to all of you. (You could choose minimini products “Super-kun”, properties with furniture and appliances.)

If you plan to start rental search after coming, you could firstly book a hotel for two or three weeks. In current situation of Covid-19, a 14-day quarantine is required, so you could use this time to find a rental. Please note that after applying for a property, the time required for the screening is up to two weeks. Please consider these things and make reasonable arrangements.

If you are already living in Japan and just need to change a place, the procedures will be easier. You could start looking for a rental about one month in advance.

Next time we will introduce “Precautions for rental search in Tokyo”.

To be continued, keep follow us~

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对于还没有来日本的小伙伴,大部分人会选择来日之前就把房子咨询好定下来。这样来日当天便可以去签约拿钥匙,随后搬入新家。不过日本租房通常不附带家具家电,需要自己慢慢置办起来。这对于刚来日本的小伙伴们也许不太友好,不过 minimini 独家商品 “超级君” 就解决了大家这一难题。“超级君”是 minimini 推出的一款商品,附带家具家电,可以拎包入住,十分方便。而且价格实惠,性价比高。此外,退房手续也很便捷哦。