Attractive Areas — Hachioji (II)

Hachioji boasts a long history, with a population of nearly 560,000 and over 220,000 families. There are also many historical sites from the Jomon period and Yayoi period. There are about 100 shrines and temples, leaving marks of each era. These cultural properties have been preserved throughout Japan’s long history. They have been passed down from one generation to another, and they are now precious assets of the Japanese people.

There are many natural attractions in Hachioji, like Isonuma Milkfarm, Komiya Park and Lake Tsukui, where can be reached by bicycle. You can have a BBQ in most of the parks in Hachioji. Bringing the ingredients and enjoying the BBQ. What an excillent experience it is. On a snowy day, the scenery around Kogiya Park is attractive as well.

Hachioji is more than just natural sites. There are many private bars and bistros in front of the station, which is perfect for a drink after shopping! You will also find a kind of bread called “Boule Beurre Boulangerie” when strolling in the street. This kind of bread is very popular and is made using local wheat and milk using traditional French bread making methods. “Boule” in the name of the bread is a round bread, “Beurre” is butter, and the name of the store is added at the end. There are many pastries such as croissants, vegetable breads, and sweet breads named in this way. Don’t miss them when you are there.

If you like this atmosphere, you should go to Hachioji to experience it yourself.

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