Tokyo Rentals Guidebook for Foreigners & International Students (Preface)


As an international metropolis, Tokyo welcomes a large number of international students and foreign friends every year. For everyone, to start living in a new city, the first thing to solve is accommodation. First, you need to find a rental when you firstly arrive in Japan; then after living for a period of time, you may move for reasons such as study and work. In short, rental search will be a must experience for everyone.

Then you must have a series of questions, is it expensive to rent in Tokyo? How much budget do I need to prepare? What is the process of renting a house? When should I start looking for a rental? How about the costs? Wouldn’t it be inconvenient if I don’t live in Tokyo…In the following blog posts, we will answer these questions.

Renting in Japan is cumbersome, but generally speaking, the Japanese real estate industry is mature and the housing prices are unified and stable. There is no need to worry about the place you rent is out-priced or there will be sudden price increases. For foreigners, there are also management companies to support you. And if you choose a large-scale, experienced agency with formal procedures, complete rental process, complete written materials. There will be an explanation of the contract contents before signing the contract, all costs will be listed in the contract, and there will be no hidden costs. You can choose a suitable house according to your own situation.

To be continued. Keep follow us.

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