Attractive Areas — Hachioji (I)

Today we are going to introduce to you an attractive area to live: Hachioji, located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis. According to a survey on The Best Places to Live in Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo and 3 surrounding prefectures) conducted by LIFULL Co., Ltd. on the housing and real estate information website Homes, Hachioji ranks No. 7 in the 2020 rankings.

[Introduction] Hachioji City, located in the southern Tama region of Tokyo, boasts one of the largest population centers and land areas among Tokyo’s cities, towns, and villages. Surrounded by the rich natural environment of Mt. Takao, Hachioji is known as the gateway city to the beautiful water and green forests found only about 40 km west of the heart of Tokyo and a 40-minute train journey from Shinjuku.

[Transportation] The following lines are available for you to use in Hachioji:
JR Lines:
JR Yokohama Line → (Higashi-Kanagawa bound)
JR Chuo Line → (Tokyo/Takao bound)
JR Chuo Main Line → (Tokyo/Matsumoto bound)
JR Hachiko Line → (Takasaki bound)
Private Railways:
Keio Line → (Shinjuku bound)

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